A LABEL is a design company dedicated to bringing your fine self the very, very best in generic product.   

We’re headquartered in San Francisco, though our Research and Development teams also work from New York and Stockholm – enabling us to remain at the absolute vanguard of Modern Generic Design (MGD). 

We currently offer our products through the site, the most discerning of retail stores, or via occasional trunk shows in various places around the globe.  As you peruse our stuff and wonder whether you’re up to the task of rockin’ A LABEL goods, consider the following:

A LABEL is just a label

A LABEL is more than a label

A LABEL calls it like it is

A LABEL says nothing

A LABEL says everything

A LABEL will change the world

A LABEL is meaningless

A LABEL is what we are

A LABEL is serious

A LABEL is a joke

A LABEL isn’t for everyone: if you don’t ‘get’ it, we’re sure you won’t get it



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